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January 25, 2024

Simon Madziar
Simon Madziar

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Why Laughter is Your Best Customer Service Tool: Top 5 Tactics

Humor in Marketing

Want your business to be taken seriously? Absolutely! But did you know that customers also crave entertainment? It's true! In fact, 91% of people worldwide prefer brands with a sense of humour. Surprisingly, 95% of business leaders fear using humour in consumer interactions.

So, how can you overcome this fear and incorporate humour into your sales and marketing strategies? What are the benefits? Humour can humanise your brand, making it relatable and forging emotional connections with your audience. It can also make your brand memorable, leading to increased engagement, loyalty, and word-of-mouth marketing.

To overcome the fear, understand your audience's sense of humour. Conduct market research and tailor your humour accordingly. Stay true to your brand's personality and values for authenticity. Plan and execute humour carefully, starting with small-scale testing. Use different types of humour, like sarcasm or self-deprecating humour, to engage your audience.

Remember, it's not just what you say but how you say it. Maintain a professional, yet approachable tone. Address pain points and present your brand as a solution. Keep language simple, free from jargon, and personalised. Emphasise expertise and include calls-to-action.

Communication should be two-way, inviting dialogue and offering consultations. By following these tips, convey your brand's message, build trust, and maintain a professional and approachable tone.

5 ways that humour improves your customer experience.

Using humour within your sales and marketing strategies brings numerous advantages. Here are some ways humour can benefit your business:

  • Drives customer engagement: Humour has a disarming effect, breaking down barriers and creating a sense of light-heartedness. This fosters active participation, encouraging customers to interact with your content, respond to campaigns, and share their own perspectives.
  • Establishes an emotional connection with your customers: Shared laughter creates powerful positive associations. By incorporating humour into your communication, you demonstrate your brand's approachability and human side. This emotional connection leads to increased loyalty and advocacy, as customers feel a sense of camaraderie and trust.
  • Sets your brand apart from competitors: Humour can be a powerful differentiator, enabling your brand to stand out from the noise of traditional marketing messages. A witty campaign or a playful tagline can capture attention, spark curiosity, and make your brand instantly memorable. However, remember to tailor your humour to your target audience and industry context.
  • Enhances message retention: Funny content is inherently engaging and leaves a lasting impression on consumers. Leveraging humour in your messaging enhances recall of key points, brand values, and promotional offers.
  • Improves brand perception: Thoughtfully incorporating humour showcases your brand's personality and human touch. This fosters a positive image, making your brand seem approachable, relatable, and trustworthy. Customers are more likely to engage with a brand that exhibits a sense of humour, leading to improved brand perception and potential business growth.

By thoughtfully incorporating humour into your sales and marketing strategies, you can cultivate engaging customer interactions, build lasting connections, and create a distinctive brand image that sets you apart. So, go forth and spread the joy of professional wit, one chuckle at a time!

The dos and don'ts of Humour in Marketing

Cracking your audience up can give your brand a boost like a laughter rocket, but navigating humour is a delicate balancing act. Here's your cheat sheet:


  • Get to know your audience: Grandma wouldn't get your meme.
  • Match your brand: Jokes should fit your brand like a comfy sweater.
  • Test the waters: Try out your punchline in a safe zone, not on the main stage.
  • Keep track of the laughs: Measure the mirth to keep the funny flowing.


  • Cross the line: Offensive humour equals marketing meltdown.
  • Force it: Jokes should feel natural, not like a bad improv act.
  • Overdo it: Humour is like chilli flakes - a sprinkle is enough.

Balance, authenticity, and respect are the keys to comedy here. Unleash your wit, watch your brand shine, and remember, laughter is the shortest distance to loyal customers. Now go forth and spread the joy, one chuckle at a time!

The different kinds of humour in advertising

Laughter is the universal language, the social lubricant, and, increasingly, the secret weapon of successful marketing campaigns. But using humour effectively requires precision and finesse. Forget crude slapstick or forced punchlines – this is a journey into the world of professional, strategic humour that elevates your brand and fosters genuine engagement. Here are a few examples:

  • Witty wordplay: Puns, metaphors, and playful double entendres can add intellectual intrigue to your content, making it both memorable and entertaining.
  • Observational humour: Tap into relatable everyday situations and poke fun at shared frustrations. This fosters a sense of camaraderie and positions your brand as a relatable, human entity.
  • Self-deprecating charm: Embrace your minor flaws or poke fun at industry quirks to disarm scepticism and endear audiences. It suggests transparency and authenticity, qualities highly valued in today's professional landscape.
  • Satire with a smile: Gentle satire can highlight industry biases or poke fun at current trends, sparking conversation and generating buzz. Just remember, keep it good-natured and avoid crossing the line into negativity.

Navigating the Nuances:

  • Cultural sensitivity: Humour translates differently across cultures and demographics. Research and adapt your approach to avoid unintended offence or misinterpretations.
  • Context matters: What's funny in a social media post might be inappropriate in a formal presentation. Choose the right channels and tone for each comedic endeavour.
  • Measure and adapt: Humour analytics tools can tell you what's tickling your audience's funny bone and what's falling flat. Track engagement and tweak your approach to maximise effectiveness.

Remember, professional humour is an art form, not a circus act. Embrace it as a strategic tool to build authentic connections, spark genuine engagement, and make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace. Laughter is your superpower, now go forth and wield it with grace and precision.

Unleash Your Inner Wit: A Toolbox for Hilarious Marketing Content

Tired of dusty marketing textbooks and stale slogans? It's time to inject your content with a healthy dose of humour! But where do you start? Don't worry this toolbox is packed with resources to tickle your funny bone and ignite your creativity! Let's get those laughs rolling!

Meme generators:

  • Imgflip: This meme powerhouse allows you to customise existing memes or create your own masterpieces, complete with text, images, and even (gasp!) GIFs. The possibilities are endless!
  • Canva: Don't underestimate the meme-making prowess of this design powerhouse. Canva simplifies meme creation with templates, fonts, and a user-friendly interface, even for those new to memes.

Video Editing Software:

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: The go-to for pro-level video editing, Premiere Pro offers limitless possibilities for splicing together hilarious clips, adding sound effects, and crafting laugh-out-loud video campaigns.
  • iMovie: For Apple aficionados, iMovie provides a user-friendly platform to edit footage, add music, and create funny video snippets perfect for social media or website content.

Social Media Sleuths:

  • Hootsuite: Track the pulse of your audience and measure the reach of your humorous campaigns. Hootsuite helps you monitor social media mentions, analyse reactions, and fine-tune your witty content for maximum effect.
  • Sprout Social: This platform goes beyond simple monitoring, offering tools to schedule posts, engage with fans, and track the performance of your humorous content across various channels. Imagine knowing exactly what jokes land and what falls flat – your social media persona will thank you.

Bonus Tools:

  • Humour dictionaries: Resources like The Humour Code and The Comedy Bible offer insights into comedic structures, joke formulas, and the elusive essence of what makes people laugh.
  • Comedy podcasts and stand-up routines: Immerse yourself in the world of professional humorists to pick up on timing, delivery, and clever wordplay. Inspiration strikes in the most unexpected places!

Remember, humour is an art, not a clown suit. Use these tools wisely, tailor your content to your audience, and let your brand personality shine through. A forced joke is worse than a stale cracker, so keep it authentic and let the laughs flow naturally.


Incorporating humour into your sales and marketing strategies offers numerous advantages. It humanises your brand, forges an emotional connection with your audience, and enhances brand recall. To effectively utilise humour in your marketing strategy, it's crucial to understand your target audience's sense of humour, stay true to your brand's personality and values, and take calculated risks to test your humour before launching a full-scale campaign.

Although we may be accountants, we still appreciate a good joke. We're here to provide guidance on boosting customer engagement, fostering stronger relationships, and ultimately driving higher sales and revenue.

For more on the use of humour in our workplaces and marketing, watch this short TED talk from Tom Fishburne from Marketoonist, explaining the power of humour.


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